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Download terms & condition For Aays, Nurses & Maids etc.

Our Term & Conditions:-

1) All payments to our men are made by us.Payment of our Aaya / maid personal should be paid to us by the 1 st week of each Following month.
2) We change our / maid servant from time to time so that they can not forge any Alliance with undesirable element. But may be we stop the service in any complain by Our staff.
3) When we stop the service in any reason , you should be paid to us in that time.
4) We are not responsible for any thief , loos & damage in your premises. If it is proof that The matter is made by our man, then we will try to recover from our man.
5) In cash of termination of the contract one month prior intimation in writing should be given from both side. T & C apply.
6) No work no pay basis work. When our Aaya / maid servant absence but she is not Absence,the absence made by you then you should pay to us that pay holiday.
7) Client should not make any complain or argue at time of payment.
8) Payment of our services should be paid in advance one month in every month. (incase Out side of Kolkata).
9) Payment of our services should be paid after 10 days. (Inside of Kolkata).
10) Our staff is working in our organization.You can’t do the work directly to him in future Thought she / he has leaved in our organization.
11) All payment of our Aaya / maid servant personal must be paid to us exact amount (not Negotiable) & exact date.
12) When our Aaya / maid servant are absent suddenly in any reason then we shall try to continue the service in emergency by heart and soul through replacement.
13) We accept payment through Cash / Neft / Draft / Cheque / Online Transfer & Airtel Payment Banks.
14) We shall provide our service minimum 10 days & maximum your requirement.

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